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  1. Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    1. The original name of this blog was "decafbad recaffinated" — but it really should have been "decafbad recaffeinated" as per astute reader Ryan Steele....

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    2. Another good thing about Tinderbox

      It doesn't have a web-accessible admin interface that can be exploited or somehow left unsecured. That's a plus.

    3. So I couldn't resist adding comments...

      I basically already had the code ready from my OPML blog, so I just adapted things a bit to integrate Haloscan comments into this thing. I'm tempted to see if the new and shiny Disqus service could fit in here, but that's another day's project.

    4. Thinking about "asides" vs "essays"

      I'm trying to keep "asides" to between one sentence and maybe two paragraphs - whereas "essays" become a teaser paragraph linked to a full page devoted to the text. Seems arbitrary, and maybe "essay" is the wrong term — I mean, I don't really write proper Five-Paragraph Essays around here so much.

    5. "This may pinch a bit"

      Had a 2 hour dentist appointment today. That sucked. My dentist is cool, though: He stuck a DVD player in my lap and put a myvu on my face to distract from the business at hand.

    6. I'm happy to see the hard work in the Zope community has finally started to pay off: for a change, our Zope work is actually being associated with flexible pluggable things instead of evil monolithic things. It's welcome news.

      Martijn Faassen

    7. I'm weary of all this PHP crud. Someday, I would like to return to the Python web world. I miss WSGI.

    8. I don't know that I miss working in Zope so much, though.

    9. Repoze

      Want the maturity of Zope now with the flexibility of the WSGI future?

      Repoze integrates Zope technologies with WSGI and reusable Python middleware.

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