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a lightweight meme stream from a lazy serial enthusiast


  1. Who are you?

    I'm Leslie Michael Orchard, but you can call me Les. I'm also indexed as l.m.orchard - which is really the sole reason for me using that weird moniker all over the place. That, and it seems kind of mysterious.

    I'm to blame for and in whatever state of neglect it finds itself these days. I've also got lots of projects strewn around, in various states of progress. All this is thanks to my nature as a serial enthusiast.

  2. What's it all about?

    This is all about getting ideas and references to things out of my head as quickly as possible and onto the web, both for your perusal and my own. You could call it blogging, micro-blogging, tumble-logging, whatever. It's an attempt to build a catch-all spillover bucket that presents me with the least perceived mental effort.

  3. Why another thingy?

    Because I figured I needed to try something new to break the ice. Shiny things demand that I play with them. Also, I'm hoping Tinderbox is less mentally costly to use than just about anything else I've used, yet offers a little more flexibility than a few other options I've tried. And it's something new - did I mention that?

    We'll see how it works out.

  4. How is it done?

    I'm using Eastgate Tinderbox. This software kicks ass: It's an outliner, a mind-mapper, a personal content management and publishing system, a dessert topping, and a floor wax. It's the Adobe Photoshop for ideas, and I'm finally trying out the publishing features after years of using it for things that never left my screen. Well, unless you count a couple of books.

    Anyway, if you're really interested in seeing how this works, the source files are available from my Subversion repository. Since I use this repository to keep my own stuff versioned and safe, it should be relatively up to date with this site. If you want to use this stuff for your own site, go right ahead - maybe drop a mention of where you found it, and change the style around a bit so it doesn't look exactly like my site.

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