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This plugin facilitates comments in a Blosxom? blog, using Blosxom? itself. The idea is to shadow a main blog with a parallel blog of comments. For example, an entry in the main blog may pe posted at tech/old/hello.txt. Responses to this item will appear in the comment blog under tech/old/hello/. This plugin connects the two parallel blogs by providing the main blog with a count of responses for each item and a link to post comments. The plugin also provides the comment blog with the ability to allow comment posting, and a link back to the parent blog entry.

At the moment, this is all very experimental, but it seems to be working out okay. In the future, I plan to add the ability to accept trackback, pingback, referrers, and any other form of response I can bundle up into a text file and display along with a blog entry.

Configuration, at the moment, is not very difficult but is not documented well at all. You'll need to take a walk through the plugin to see what's what. Hopefully, I'll be improving this situation soon.


Latest release (v0.1):

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