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  1. Monday, January 7, 2008

    1. WebKit on PalmOS

      I really wish this port of WebKit to PalmOS was further along. Not sure what the exact technical challenges are for the semi-modern PalmOS environment, but I'm rooting for the Universe browser.

    2. ImageWell rocks

      Have I mentioned lately how ImageWell rocks? Well, it does. For quick image tweaking and publishing, it's the bees knees.

      Not sure how I missed it, but I just now realized it saves to Flickr. I'd already been using it with local folders, as well as saving to my remove server via SFTP. But, the Flickr thing? Hot.

      Just drag an image into it from a browser, Grab, Finder, or iPhoto. Make a few tweaks and crop. Send and done — awesome.

    3. Front page feature on Ficlets

      Hey, how'd my last story get featured on the front page of Ficlets? Neat!

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