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  1. Saturday, January 5, 2008

    1. happy new year

      I feel like I should have some sort of epic end-of-year wrap up post, since it's been kind of an epic year. But, mostly, I'm just happy to have my back to it. In stark contrast to the year before, not much went the way I hoped or planned — so there's a lot of room for improvement in 2008.

    2. nostalgia immersion

      So, instead of going anywhere for the holidays, I just hunkered down in hermitage at home and worked on doing absolutely nothing. I got the accumulator out of my system, which had been percolating for awhile.

      But after that, there's been a lot of navel gazing and reflection. This was against a background of marathon viewing sessions of various nerderies including Buck Rogers, Knight Rider, and Street Hawk. There was also a lot of WoW played and illusory accomplishment enjoyed.

      It's been pretty much a 2 week period of complete regression and sloth, but it's been a long time since I last had a vacation. I'm in the final lap now — and not quite ready to be done — but it's time to start spinning up the turbines again.

    3. YouTube - Turbo Boost Tribute

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