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  1. Friday, December 21, 2007

    1. Has it's own weather system

      At this point, I've got at least a half-dozen or so separate blogs in various stages of disuse and serial neglect. I expect that this trend will continue into the foreseeable future, with me hopping on to different publishing platforms and suchlike as my enthusiasms direct me.

      So, I'm building my own planet. It's so far based on Sam Ruby's Planet Venus in Python. This seems just in time for him to refactor and reboot things in Ruby, but oh well.

      Once I've got this thing looking and working the way I want, I'm planning to replace the front page of with this page and offering feeds at /index.rss and /index.atom that will pull together all my crap from everywhere I produce it.

      And then, for the people who might already be chasing me around from place to place, I plan to produce some feeds that include just the material I generate at this domain, separate from all external sites. Hopefully this will satisfy some of my colleagues who tell me that God kills a kitten every time a delicious bookmark gets republished in another feed.

      I also want to offer everything I'm doing template-wise up to whomever wants it. Trying to decide whether I want to lob it all into my SVN repository, or whether I want to figure out how to use BZR.

    2. Horrible rules and curious cats

      Reading through some of these short folklorish "creepypasta" stories, I almost want to try throwing together some horror stories of my own.

      I don't tend to think I'm a horror fan, since most of the crap I run into tends toward slasher and gore stuff that relies on the stupidity of the characters involved.

      But, I do like some horror tales. In these, the plot relies mainly on tricky yet self-consistent rules and depends on the cleverness and curiosity of the main characters to both get into trouble and then try — but not always succeed — to get back out. The Lemarchand's box puzzle in Clive Barker's Hellraiser series is a perfect artifact for this.

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