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  1. Thursday, December 6, 2007

    1. EVE Offline

      Oh my. I've installed the new Trinity premium content to EVE Online without mishap under Boot Camp, and it looks great. Looks like a metric shitton of effort went into this — what an awful shame that the installer, the last mile of the whole shebang, did such a boneheaded and damaging thing.

      My question beyond what this particular installer does, though, is: Why does Windows allow a game installer to destroy such a vital core operating system file? I guess it's a moot point now, since apparently Vista wasn't affected — and of course we're all upgrading to Vista, right?

      Update: According to Slashdot, all it took was a game config file coincidentally named boot.ini and a single errant backslash that made the file path resolve to the root of the filesystem. While it's really bad luck that this wasn't caught somewhere in the QA process at CCP — it's also a really, really stupid thing that Windows allowed it to happen at all.

    2. issue with the upgrade from classic to premium for xp and older windows os users | EVE Online | EVE Insider

      An issue has been discovered whereby Windows XP and older Windows OS users who have upgraded their EVE clients from Classic Graphics Content to Premium Graphics Content have their boot.ini file deleted. For users facing this issue, we recommend users DO NOT reboot their computers until this issue has been resolved.

    3. YouTube - Information Society - The Sample Archives

      Someone doing a much better job than I did in digging up some sources of samples used in Information Society tunes.

    4. YouTube - Information Society - I Like the Way You Werk It

    5. YouTube - Information Society - Fall In Line

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