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  1. Tuesday, December 4, 2007

    1. Hello world.

      When reinventing the wheel, it sometimes helps to investigate the properties of wheels already rolling.

    2. Programming CouchDB with Javascript - plok

      "To illustrate how easy and straightforward writing applications for CouchDB is, we are going to build a simple todo-list application in Javascript. You should be familiar with HTML and Javascript and the DOM. You do not need any Ajax experience. Although we are going to use it, all will be abstracted away."

    3. Need to play with CouchDB a lot more

      Ever since I was first starting to experiment with REST and XML, and started to talk about next generation web apps using REST, XML, XSLT, and XmlHTTPRequest — this is the kind of demo app I always meant to write and blog about. Only, this is JSON instead of XML, but it's still pretty dang nifty,

    4. Theme from Night Court

      Why the hell would I have the theme song from Night Court stuck in my head today? Hate you, brain. Hate you.

      It must be the writers' strike.

    5. got wavs? - The Jerk - HE HATES THESE CANS!

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