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  1. Monday, December 3, 2007

    1. Hello world.

      I wonder if it's such a good idea to try to keep myself to this whole "hello world" habit? Some days, I just don't have a summary quip and it holds up the whole blog.

    2. A problem with Google Docs

      I keep Cmd-Tab'ing out of Safari, instead of Cmd-Tilde'ing between windows. :) It's a problem for browser-based apps in general.

    3. An Amazon misfeature

      So it seems that, over the years, I've accumulated no fewer than 3 accounts at for the same email address. There's only one that I really use, which has what I actually consider my wish list. However, I always lose it on a new browser — because out of the 3-4 passwords I try, they each lead to a different account and a different wishlist for the same email address.

      So, I have to login and logout repeatedly, trying a different password every time, until I finally recognize my surroundings.

      Who thought that this was a good feature?

    4. Moving into community management is a good direction for Six Apart. Communities--not individual bloggers--are the power brokers on today's Web. It's readers, en masse, who move markets. Six Apart's goal to empower bloggers with tools that turn readers into active community participants could leverage this power shift.

      Rafe Needleman, "Blogging company Six Apart to focus on social networks"

    5. What about LiveJournal isn't a community?

      I read the above quote in a bit of befuddlement: Communities are what I've long thought of as one of LiveJournal's killer features. I've also long thought that if I'd ever really wanted to launch a social networking site, I'd install an LJ instance and swap the bio page for the journal front page on a user account — practically all the features of a semi-modern social network site are there.

      Six Apart's other stuff? Well, I haven't really gotten into Vox, but neither TypePad nor MovableType strike me as offering the same sense of being in a place where people live as LiveJournal does.

    6. YouTube - Zanac - NES Gameplay

      One of my favorite shmups of all time has arrived on Wii Virtual Console.

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