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  1. Thursday, November 29, 2007

    1. Hello world.

      Working from home today with what I hope is some temporary form of plague. At least the cats seem pleased.

    2. YouTube - Charlie Brookers ScreenWipe Computer Games

    3. Amateur Hour at the Design Shop

      Since Mark Bernstein linked to me yesterday, I've noticed an uptick in traffic and a few people bookmarking me on delicious. I've also gotten a few comments on the design here — surprisingly, a few of the comments seem to imply that the design's not horrible yet as a designer I should be able to do better. In reality, I'm a developer who managed to cargo cult and steal a patchwork design from other sites that doesn't make my own eyes bleed. Much.

      In any case, there's acres and acres of room for improvement — suggestions or offers of free help welcomed.

    4. The Deal with the Shaded Boxes

      Since I saw a comment about this in particular on delicious: I'm trying something with the icons and shaded boxes to set apart media objects and longer length self-authored pieces from the random asides I spew. Not sure how well that's working, though. They're kinda weird and cramped together.

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