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  1. Tuesday, November 27, 2007

    1. Hello world.

      Our TiVo is sad that the writers are striking.

    2. You know, it's too bad that one of the first most public cross-site mashups is as evil as the Facebook Beacon. I've been thinking for awhile now about what could be done in a JS-based widget using cookies and identity. ...

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    3. Inline audio slowdown

      Crud. I tried to include some EVE Online tracks here, but it looks like the inline audio player I'm using decided to play the MP3s at far too slow a speed.

      Oh yeah: It's because the MP3s are encoded at a sample rate of 48kHz, and the audio player can only handle multiples of 11.025 kHz. Doh.

      Oh yeah, yeah: Remember this command — lame -b 48 --resample 22.05 mysong.wav mysong.mp3

    4. Music of EVE

      Is it a sign that I keep listening to the EVE Online soundtrack at work? Still on the fence about signing up in a couple of days when the trial ends. Also, looks like there's an official music download page, but all the links seem to be broken.

    5. EVE Online - EVE Rock 01

    6. EVE Online - Nouvelle Rouvenor Hero

    7. EVE Online - We Fight Proud for the Holder

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