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  1. Monday, November 26, 2007

    1. Hello world.

      I just got a bit of gold-spam in EVEmail. It begins: "Friendship is like peeing your pants, everyone notices but only you can feel the warmth. So I just wanna thank all of you for being the pants and pee =)"

      Touching, but gross. Suffice to say I did not buy the ISK.

    2. ... But then something happened as Digg grew from 100 users to 100,000 and more. I'm not going to characterize it other than to say that it stopped being interesting to me as it grew. The stories weren't what I was looking for. ... I want starting a Digg-like community to be as easy as creating a weblog on ...

      Dave Winer, "The next step in Digg clones (Scripting News)"

    3. With apologies to Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska: A community is not a place that you just dump people on. It's not a big truck....

      (Read more)
    4. Moment of truth for EVE approaches

      I have 3 days left in my EVE Online trial. The question for me now is whether it's worth subscribing and maintaining both a WoW and an EVE habit. I'm not giving up the WoW yet, but I wonder if I might find better uses of my time than what one of my friends has called "a spreadsheet with a pretty screensaver behind it."

      It seems like a very pretty screensaver, and the spreadsheet has some interesting stuff going on in it — but I'm still sort of trying to decide if it's more fun than interesting.

    5. Vanilla for flexible contextual comments?

      I've been working with Vanilla a lot lately, and I'm wondering: How hard would it be to replace my usage of Haloscan for in-context comments here with some tweakage of a self-hosted Vanilla? It would need some JSON / JS integration love, and some thread auto-creation to pair with individual entries. Also, some OpenID and / or some comment spam defense would be nice.

    6. Automatic shutdown for serial enthusiasms

      Seeing as I'm a serial enthusiast, I'm better at starting things up than maintaining or cleaning them up.

      Take my WordPress blog, for instance: It got hacked, and I think mostly because I've neglected it and haven't kept it updated. I've turned the installation into an SVN check-out now, which should make updating so much easier — but I'm still likely to neglect it. Maybe I need a regular reminder.

      Though, what I really need is to build my little projects with a self-destruct timer. They should all automatically evaporate, lock down, switch off, or otherwise render themselves inert after a certain period of inattention. That way, I don't leave all sorts of potential gotchas in my wake as I absentmindedly wander off from them.

    7. YouTube - Will It Blend? - Guitar Hero III

      "...but it doesn't play the Beach Boys. So, I'm going to blend it! ... Wow! Purple haze!"

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