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  1. Thursday, November 15, 2007

    1. Hello world. Zooty, zoot-zoot.

      Another day at the Tag Mines. Things are looking up, though.

    2. Played a little EVE Online last night.

      Since they make a Mac OS X client now, thanks to Cider, I tried a little EVE Online last night. I figured that since I like space ships more than trolls, maybe I'll like EVE more than WoW.

      I'm not convinced yet: My first experience felt like an overwhelming flood of spreadsheets and statistics, as well as a relentless march of loading screens and wait times during routine play. The graphics were not bad, reminding me of the last time I played Freespace. But, in contrast, EVE definitely does not feel like an action game — whereas WoW does.

    3. One server, no realms.

      One interesting thing about EVE Online, though, is that the universe isn't sharded into realms like WoW. Hosting issues aside, EVE benefits from the vastness of (mostly empty) space in which to distribute the players. Since the environment in WoW is a detailed terrestrial landscape, it's a little hard to create a scalable space to make room for everyone.

      But the realms system seems to be one of the biggest failings of WoW — the most crippling to its social nature, since it makes it so hard to play with your friends if you happen to have picked the wrong shard to start on. Sure, you can move your character, but it costs money and has some PvP / PvE restrictions — and who wants to keep moving if you have multiple clusters of friends across multiple realms?

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