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  1. Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    1. Holy crap, Tinderbox makes me want to edit and tweak more than any other web authoring tool.

    2. My handwriting skills have decayed. My ability to communicate without editing has decayed. My patience for creating text at a rate slower than I think has decayed. Typing is fast, handwriting is slow. So is handwriting all that important?

      danah boyd

    3. I know I'm not the only guy carrying around a Moleskine (with stickers, even) and a pen in his pocket, but I have been asked a few times why I have one of those and not some super slick digital device. I'd like to have a better smartphone, but I've found no real substitute for a good pocket journal and a decent pen. In fact, I value this little journal so much that I've hacked it a bit to ditch my wallet, so as to reduce the stuff in my pockets....

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    4. So to that guy that was sitting next to me, typing madly and muttering to himself, during a really interesting session, I wished your batteries died and you lost all network connections and your pen ran out of ink. Time to face the present champ.

      Crocodile guilt / Play with the Machine

    5. Not sure if this rebuild qualifies as "fetishizing the interesting" or not. But really the old Ruby/Typo system was junk; it needed replacing. Handcrafted artisanal innovation.

      Once again with energy / Play with the Machine

    6. Replace Ruby/Typo in the above with Tinderbox, and you've got me.

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