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  1. Saturday, November 10, 2007

    1. Hello world. I'm trying out yet another blog.

      This blog is something new for me: After around seven years of using Eastgate Tinderbox for private notes, I finally sat down and spent time with its HTML export templates. After a bit of amateur design effort and some trial and error, I've thrown together something to publish online.

      This isn't entirely new, however. I've borrowed a crapload from Tumblr by building lots of templates for memes and media objects. And, I've tried to model authoring habits after what I do with the OPML Editor by centering the thing around a page-a-day and a minimum of mental cost in getting things out of my head.

      Let's see how far I go with it.

    2. I might try doing a screencast of how I blog with this thing. It might be interesting to someone.

    3. The feeds are probably invalid around here. Still got kinks to work out.

    4. I'm also trying to decide whether this thing needs comments.

    5. Still Alive

      This is a great song from the ending of Portal, excellent for trying out my inline audio player.

    6. As you can see, I've got a few tricks in the templates.

      I can drop in items especially styled for quotes, chat transcripts, images, audio files, and the occasional long-winded essay. Eventually I hope to find a streamlined way to use each of them.

    7. Since I've been watching a crazy amount of Babylon 5 lately, I'll try another trick.

    8. Everyone always coming to Zathras with problems. Great responsibilities. But Zathras does not mind. Zathras trained in crisis management.


    9. I think that's enough for the moment. I'm going to try pushing this stuff to my web site.

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