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Mine is not the only attempt at this, to fuse weblog and wiki. See also:

Why? For me, it seems a great and simple way to try to capture short term and long term thoughts, and to facilitate the links between them. (@@ What do others see in it? See: MeatBall:WikiLog) If it works effectively, I should be able to pull my weblog writings in the moment into longterm topics, and refer to longterm work in weblog entries, all with a minimum of effort. In fact, it would be best if this system could surprise me, by making unexpected links or by reminding me of long forgotten thoughts.

Many implementations of combined weblog and wiki work by implementing weblog functions within a wiki package. As for myself, what I want to do is cause my existing weblog and wiki to converge, without making my weblog into a wiki, or making my wiki into a weblog.


I currently have loose integration between MovableType and TWiki on my site, facilitated by XmlRpc, XmlRpcFilteringPipes, and SSI (as provided within TWiki).

To link from MovableType to TWiki, I built an XmlRpcToWiki implementation for TWiki with a method that follows my XmlRpcFilteringPipe spec. With the web service based filter, MovableType can pass content through TWiki before baking pages. In this way, MovableType entries are imbued with wiki links and, as a pleasant bonus feature, can be composed using TextFormattingRules.

To link from TWiki to MovableType, I use TWiki's SSI feature in templates, combined with MTSearch, to display persistent MovableType searches based on the current wiki page topic name. The result of this, then, is that any given wiki topic includes a list of weblog entries in which the wiki topic has been mentioned. TWiki topics can now become both working summaries of a subject, and also present a mini-weblog of a subject.

So, in short, MovableType entries link to TWiki pages, and TWiki pages link to MovableType entries, and neither weblog nor wiki have been significantly modified or had wheels reinvented to support the union.

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