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I'm really excited that you've written the XmlRpcFilteringPipe. I was just about to re-invent it, not knowing somebody (that's you!) had already done so.

I'm working on Local Names. It's a way to publish short names (like in wiki) and the URLs they are bound to. They're published in "namespaces," and you can link namespaces to namespaces.

I've got working resolvers, tools for making it so you can edit them over the web, all sorts of stuff.

The hard thing is integrating it with blog engines and the like. I thought, "Oh! We need general text filters!" ...and was about to code up a bunch, to a fresh new spec. I wasn't looking forward to learning Perl, and then PHP, and whatever other languages I would need to know.

That's why I'm so excited that you've already written this. One of my best friends here in Seattle, he uses Blosxom. He can just use your Blosxom plugin, and start using Local Names! (He's been dying to use Local Names, because he has a blog, and a lot of wiki that he wants to link into.) I'm stoked!

I'd already written text replacement functionality into my Local Names resolver, now all I need to do is slap an XmlRpcFilteringPipe interface on top of it, and my friend will be using Local Names tomorrow.

I still need to write a WordPress? plugin, for the XmlRpcFilteringPipe, because that's what I use for my blog, and it looks like there isn't already one out there. But, that shouldn't be too hard. It'll both add to the value of the XmlRpcFilteringPipe, and it'll be easier to sell the plugin, when there's already services out there like it.

I love it when things just snap together. Absolutely wonderful. :)

Anyways: I'm writing this all here, rather than on XmlRpcFilteringPipe, because for some reason, I can't seem to edit that page.

I'll try again later; I need to sleep now. It's 5AM.

-- LionKimbro - 30 Dec 2004

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