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OPML reading lists in FeedMagick2

For anyone who's interested: I've been hacking a little bit on FeedMagick2 again, with the latest addition being an OPML reading list feed blender.

What's an OPML reading list? Basically, it's the same as as OPML export of a feed reader's subscription list - only rather than doing a one-time import into another program, the OPML is itself treated as a live feed. A feed reader that supports OPML reading lists will continually check the list for updates and sync RSS/Atom feed subscriptions with its contents, maybe in a special sub-folder.

Here's a quick demo:

The itch I mean to eventually scratch is to replace the front page of decafbad.com with a live updating aggregation of the stuff I create and capture daily on the web. It'll be basically a self-assembling tumblelog pulled from many different services across the web. It'll also replace the footer of accumulated crud I've got on this very blog - which I thought was a good idea at one point, but now consider NeatLikeDigitalWatches.

With that in mind, the next thing I plan to develop is an hAtom module or XSL transform. This will turn the blended feed into an XHTML page. Maybe someday, hAtomic will launch, and I'll have a nice pretty style for the page too. Some time after that, I might work up a module that stows away dated historical archives of the feed and pages. I have further plans and ideas, but I'm trying to focus on the itchy spots first so that I might actually get something done in this round of serial enthusiasm.