/’skAn/ : a loosely coiled length of yarn or thread wound on a reel


NEW ! The BooBooUndo Button, just $19949.99 from Cronotron Industries!

They said time travel was impossible, but they never met us! The BooBooUndo Button generates up to 15 closed timelike loops, each offering you a quick and easy way to violate causality and get a second crack at your day.

Just push the green button to drop a snapshot anchor, then push the red button later on to select of your open-ended loops. You’ll feel a tingle: That’s how you know it’s working! In just a microsecond, you’ll be back where you started. Feel free to use your uncanny prescience to make life go your way!

Disclaimers: The BooBooUndo Button (referred to here as “the product”) requires invasive elective brain surgery. The product transports information, not solid matter. Cronotron Industries offers no insurance against causality paradoxes or self-obviation. Fifteen (15) charges per device, one (1) device per customer. Overuse can damage your health across all timelines.

For entertainment purposes only.

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