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story pitch: "to reach the farthest star"

So, I haven't posted here in a long while, and what small bits of fiction I have written of late have appeared at Ficlets. But, I'm hoping to get more active here in the coming months.

To kick that off a bit, I've got an idea for an episodic serial story that I'd like to eventually podcast—here's a quick pitch:

Working title: "To Reach the Farthest Star"

Jack Arden is an internet billionaire who's been in the right places at the right times as a software architect and entrepreneur. He's had a hand in some of the most brilliant rising stars and flamboyant failures of the last 20 years of the web.

But, today, Jack turns 35 and plans to retire from that life to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.

Unlike most children who've had that same dream, Jack has spent the last decade training and conditioning himself while quietly funding and directing research to make his fantasy of private spaceflight a reality.

And finally, as Jack prepares to step away from some of the most lucrative terrestrial opportunities of his charmed life, a way to the stars opens before him.

As these things usually go, however, neither his training nor his lifelong obsession with science fiction have left him fully prepared for this journey and its strange destination.

...and that's it so far. The title's up in the air, and the premise is a bit melodramatic - but I'm hoping to write something with a bit of a good old junky scifi pulp feel. I've got lots of ideas, and I'm idly working on a bible for a dozen or so stories. Let me know what you think of the pitch, oh hypothetical readers. :)

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