/’skAn/ : a loosely coiled length of yarn or thread wound on a reel

opposite of flow

So, after a busy week and long weekend, I've stalled on writing. I think tonight's a wash, too. Watching Heroes after a day of lazing around, playing WoW. Hopefully I'll get back into it this week. I think that's one of the big challenges: Balancing work, play, laziness, procrastination, and inspiration. While I'm in the process of writing, it feels great and I wonder why I ever doubted I could do it. Then, I stop. The longer I stay stopped, the more it seems like someone else's activity - not mine. Oh well, let's see what happens once I'm back into the swing of this week.

I know a lot of this just comes down to building new habits, slogging through the work, choosing to work. The really good inspiration and creative moments come on their own, captured with various tools at the ready. But, the rest of it is just putting butt-in-chair, fingers to keys, pen to paper. The rest is work and habits that I don't have down yet.

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