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Some Story Pitches

Another thing that's crossed my mind to do here is post my story ideas. Part of me recoils from this because, of course, Every Story Idea is Precious and throwing them out there will either spoil the stories or cause something else equally bad to happen to them. On the other hand, I'd kind of like to get some feedback as to whether one or another is even worth writing with respect to interest from readers.

Screw it, here are a few quick story pitches. If you're reading this, and you're not me, maybe drop a note as to whether any strike your fancy:

  • In the near future, a reclusive writer / researcher who has taken GTD and productivity technologies to an extreme degree falls into a coma at his desk. It takes awhile for anyone to notice - even his family - because his apparent output behavior in response to sources of input seems not to have changed at all. Turns out, it's lucky he lives with a cat.

  • A pair of newlyweds move in together. She's a librarian and into archival sciences. He's a dot-com project manager. She has a lot of books, and he has a lot of digital storage. One day, his company takes on a client preparing to launch a product based on nanotech that can restore nearly anything to pristine condition. His job is to help them market the service, and a perk of the job is a free trial of the product. His wife just happens to have this beat-up old dresser and a bit of nanorepair looks like a great surprise for her. Of course, he's wrong.

  • How about some fanfic? I really like Scott Sigler's Infection and J.C. Hutchins' 7th Son podcasts. What would happen if John Alpha sidejacked into the body of an alien Triangle mind-control infectee? Who'd win control of the poor victim, and would either of them want control when they got it?

  • An alien ansible network router arrives in orbit, showering the planet with access hubs. What seems like an attack at first turns into an invitation for inhabitants of Earth to join the greatest file sharing network imaginable. Actually, quite a few parties on Earth consider that an attack, after all. Nonetheless, a lot of kids tune their wifi routers into the universal mesh with new firmware and fire up their torrents. (I think I got this idea before I read Charles Stross' Singularity Sky with its telephone shower opening scene, but it seems a little silly now that I have read it).

Maybe I should collect these in a list somewhere and let random passers by give thumbs up or down on them.

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