/’skAn/ : a loosely coiled length of yarn or thread wound on a reel

Bleeg, blurg, blargh, and bloorg

I'm trying to make myself write something fictional, but nothing's coming. I've got somewhat detailed plot and character notes on at least five different stories, but I can't start a single one.

I've even been thinking maybe I should do some writing exercises here, maybe even work on some very short flash fiction ala - but no dice there either. I have, however, given myself the notion that I should post something here every day, no matter what it happens to be. I've also thought that categories or tags can help organize things around here so that I can lift out threads of writing worth revisiting from freeform spew like this.

Anyway, it's late-ish, I'm tired, and yet at the same time the siren call of World of Warcraft tugs at me. Waste time, it says. Level up and feel temporarily accomplished, it says. Catch up to your friends at higher levels, it says. Maybe I'll give in for an hour or so. Of course you know it's never an hour - it's always or so. I wonder if I can find some way to reward myself with XP as a function of word count?

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