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Case Study: Building a Bookmark Management UI for Mozilla's BYOB

TL;DR: I just wrote a long case-study about my process in building a bookmark management feature for Mozilla's Build Your Own Browser web application.

So, remember that tutorial I wrote about writing an article in Tinderbox? I'd mentioned that it was a digression from another, different article.

Well, I just finished a first draft of that article:

It's a case study about building a bookmark management feature for Mozilla's BYOB.

Light on code but heavy on narration, it's about what I did and what I was thinking while I did it. There are links to the end product for reference, but it isn't a demonstration of some new trick. Rather, it's a look at my process as a whole.

I wrote this, in part, for myself: The writing has helped me review things. But, I'm hoping someone else reads it, and then picks up something new or can offer some interesting critique in return.

And, because I'm curious and like looking behind the scenes, I'd love to see this kind of write-up from more webdevs. There don't seem to be a lot of detailed case studies versus quick one-shot tutorials on isolated techniques. It's probably because the writing is time-consuming, as is the reading. It's not in the genre of bite-sized attractions optimized for promoting blog traffic, but I'd like to see more of them all the same.