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using Twitterrific with identi.ca

Since identi.ca has introduced support for the Twitter API, switching Twitterrific over seems to be as easy as entering this command in a Terminal window:

defaults write com.iconfactory.Twitterrific baseUrl -string 'identi.ca/api'

The command to switch back is the following:

defaults write com.iconfactory.Twitterrific baseUrl -string 'twitter.com'

You'll also need to restart Twitterrific after each of these to see the change working.

It took me awhile to figure this out, because I didn't realize that they'd hidden the details in plain sight. You know, like, in the README file that comes with the Twitterrific download. Sheesh. Who reads those?

Archived Comments

  • I still follow people on Twitter using Twitterrific. If I could just get updates from multiple sources, I'd be happy.

  • I found it useful to go to the configuration menu (click the wrench) and turn OFF:

    Tweets -> Include your direct messages System -> Show errors in tweet list

    So Twitterrific wont complain in the list about the features that aren't implemented yet. After that, it works beautifully for me with identi.ca/Laconica.

  • Any idea how to under the stored username/password? Since I actually use a different password for each site, switching the baseUrl is only a start -- how do I switch account credentials?

  • @chris: The login credentials, alas, aren't as easily switchable I don't think. The API baseUrl is an app-level default, but the user/pass is part of the app preferences.

    Hmm... I haven't tried it, but I suppose you might be able to swap between copies of ~/Library/Preferences/com.iconfactory.Twitterrific.plist with each configured using a different user/pass pair.

  • Very cool! And nice to see. Out of curiousity, will this also work with Twitterific on the iPhone?

  • So, does this work with iPhone Twitterrific?

  • Hey Les! Nice meeting you at the A2B3 today! Holy shit--you weren't kidding when you said you were into social networking sites :) Patti PS: I friended you on Flickr, so if you see TeacherPatti, that's me!

  • Evan: No, probably not. There's no terminal on the iPhone.

  • Thank you so much!!! This is so simple and efficient. I was missing that smooth client interface with identi.ca. Now I can permanently switch over to identi.ca.

    Niko - identi.ca user nikolai35

  • not working now =( Twitteriffic just hangs