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Why I'm playing with Laconica

I just posted a quick writeup on Laconica installation. But, beyond the how, there's the why.

As I mentioned in that entry, I've started and neglected at least two attempts at building a distributed Twitter clone. That's mostly been a function of how busy I've been; how long I screwed around with making my own PHP framework; how far I wandered playing with the look and feel; how well Twitter was working; and how bored I got.

As for Laconica, I'm somewhat displeased with the state of the Laconica code and the installation process—and it certainly needs many more features. In other words, it's very itchy to me. But, the important things are:

  • It exists and it works.
  • Someone's actively hosting it.
  • Others are trying to install it.
  • Someone got off their ass and persisted long enough to get it to this point.

That's more than I can say for my own efforts—because mere ideas are worthless—so maybe I can find a way to help. :)

Archived Comments

  • One thing that would be interesting would be to write a new implementation of the same "OpenMicroBlogging" spec, or indeed take an existing microblogging project you prefer the look of, and add the support in there. It might even be less work that way, and it'd certainly be a valuable contribution.

  • Yes, the installation is A Process .. I couldn't get it running, yet. But I like it the way it is. Where I live, the retarded ISP has blocked twittering services, twitter, plurk & etc... Thanks for your how-to it really helped.

  • I tried and succeeded. Unfortunately I tried it before finding your how to. The only thing not working is the IM bot... but that's another point! Thanks for the writeup!

  • Les, keep playing with Laconica! I think it could really benefit from your input.