It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

Next serial enthusiasm?

Update: Yeah - I sent out a request for comments after breaking my comments. Ugh. Thanks if you tried commenting, and I hope you might try again. If not, thanks for stopping by anyway!

So, I've been basically hacking on nothing after work for quite some time now. I've had a few false starts, but have been finding it hard to get motivated to move on anything. There are a few things I've started, though, which might be worth returning to and finishing. If I were to do that - or start something new - which of these do you think might be worth my time?

  • FeedMagick2 - web command-line toolkit for munging and filtering feeds, written in PHP 5
  • XoxoOutliner - a browser-based outliner with a REST API, written in PHP 5
  • Learn Django or Pylons, do social networky stuff and explore OpenID and OAuth?
  • Explore CodeIgniter or Kohana further, do social networky stuff that can ideally be installed alongside WordPress and PHP 5?
  • Something else? OpenSocial? Keep hacking on my Centro's Blazer browser and do something silly and Web 2.0?
  • Level my troll to 70 and work on getting sweet PvP gear?

Archived Comments

  • Testing?

  • My vote is for Django and OpenID research. I'd be very interested in hearing your take on OpenID and OAuth. Just my two cents.

  • My vote is: 1) Pylons/openid/oauth

    2) XoXoOutliner

    3) Level your troll... or opensocial, but I think opensocial probably doesn't give you the same instant gratification that slaying a evil 5 headed acid-drooling dragon-like creature does.

  • My vote is for FeedMagick2. The web could use a powerful feed manipulation tool. I read a ton of feeds, some of which could really use some tweaking, combining, and filtering, but most of the tools offered up so far don't provide enough functionality. Maybe I just need to learn XSLT.

  • You gotta get to 70. A) You NEED a flying mount. B) Half the stuff in the game is aimed at being 70.

    But you can start farming honor now... That Arena 1 gear buyable with battleground honor is awesome.

  • I vote for learning Pylons by doing XoxoOutliner in it.