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Cilantro of the web

Trying out the OPML Editor again, pasting in an entry composed over at my OPML blog.

"When the tool spits out some bundle of shining Deployment-Ready Code Artifact, do you get something that can be mashed up, styled, scripted, indexed by search engines, read aloud by screen readers, read by humans, customized with greasemonkey, reformatted for mobile devices, machine-translated, excerpted, transcluded, edited live with tools like Firebug?" - Mike Shaver

"can't cut and past text from adobe's kuler.com - that is the flash suck. nice colours, but a different kind of poor internet app. text?" - James Governor

So... the web is View Source. But, it's also cut-and-paste of what I see and post-launch mashability. What else do we lose with Flash, Silverlight, and JavaFX?

For what it's worth, I've got an enormous amount of love for Flash, and think that it has its place right alongside images and textareas. And most times, when you've otherwise got some 3-ring circus of stuttering, lumbering DHTML and AJAX - a little dash of Flash is what you need. But, you wouldn't make a meal of cilantro, and some people hate it altogether.

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