It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

status: quietly humming along

Still alive over here, though the blog's gathering dust. I figure I need to post about not posting from time to time, so here we go:

What's been up with me? Well, I've not been doing as much extracurricular hacking at home. Instead, I've been opting to fill time with World of Warcraft, halting steps back into fiction writing, and actually starting to venture out with my wife into the city and surrounding area. That leaves less time to get worked up about things passing through my info-filters to actually jot down anything worth saying - and it seems most everyone else out there is doing well enough of a job so far without me.

There's also something to be said for not being snowed in and huddling for warmth during a Michigan winter.

I have been quite busy at work, but that's not something I can say very much about right now since it's not my story to spill. Maybe someday, I'll lift radio silence about things, but certainly not for awhile yet.

In lieu of posts here, you can see most of my output to the net collected in one spot here on Jaiku - which includes all my bookmarks, Diggs, Twitters, iTunes tracks, and the like. Lately, I've been wondering if I should apply another redesign around here that emphasizes everything else capturing status from me, and offer a smaller space for the actual posts I leave here. I'm sure my enthusiasms will swing me back this way soon enough, but this'll probably remain one of the quieter feeds in your subscriptions for the foreseeable future.

Archived Comments

  • I'd very much like to see if you can pull off that re-design and keep it interesting. I'd try throwing in some contextual third-party information like the weather report for your city and local webcam feeds, to keep it well-rounded. My homepage is still mainly a weblog, but also has time-zone info for my various friends and family, a webcam feed from a famous local landmark, and a city pollution-level sparkline.

  • Love your blog, what WoW realm do you play on? I play on Korgath.

  • I've got a WoW blog at http://northwatchhold.blogspot.com you should take a look at.

  • My main alts are Paytol, a Troll mage on Maelstrom, and Schpooki, a Gnome warlock on Medivh. I've also got a Tauren druid named Sugarmaple on Maelstrom, among a stable of other alts :)