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suggestion: tinfoil hat for digg mind control laser defense

We call it a Suggestion Board — you can browse suggestions from other site visitors or post your own. Digg-style voting means we can quickly discover what’s most important to users.

Sweet merciful crap are Digg fans a scary, groupthink-y bunch. I work at Yahoo! — so I guess I'm vulnerable to bias — but it seems like the guys on this team just can't get a break. They open up public suggestion boards to get open feedback on products — something that I think is very cool and clueful. They took inspiration from Digg and other prior examples of web-based voting, and what do they get for their trouble? A few hundred lemmings marching to the beat of "OMFG HAX YOU STOLE DIGGS SITE!"

It's not a major news site; it's not like the front page of Yahoo! turned into a Digg clone and they started offering to pay top Digg users. Seriously - it's just a suggestion board with simple flat comment threads that invites voting to surface good suggestions. So it's got a big thumbs-up button reminiscent of Digg's counter badges - they mentioned that it's like Digg. That's inspiration, maybe flattery-level imitation. But theft? If I were a thief, would I tell you where I stole my stuff from?

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