It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

A Writer's Toolkit by Rudy Rucker

When you’re writing a novel you’re working at the most extreme limit of your capabilities. What you’re doing is beyond logic, so far out at the limits of what you can do that there’s no hope of your having a short and manageable simulation of the process by which to figure out what you’re doing, it’s computationally irreducible. When you get into this zone, out on the very surface of your brain, you become sensitive to the tiniest chaotic emanations of the world outside. At times it feels as if the world, feeling your sensitivity, gladly dances back. Dosie-do. Keep your eyes peeled.

Been reading some of the notes and essays here at Rudy Rucker's site in the spirit of getting my brain resonating in a writing mode, and the above quote just stuck out at me.