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rss feeds of bookmarklets?

Hmm, a quick idea: Has anyone yet tried making an RSS feed of bookmarklets? I'd use it by dragging it to the Firefox bookmark toolbar to get a drop-down menu of usable bookmarklets, dynamically generated by an online app. In particular, say I had an outline in XoxoOutliner, and I wanted to treat the first level of items each as a loosely categorized inbox for ideas. The RSS feed would offer bookmarklets to append a new idea via quick pop-up to each of the top-level branches.

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  • I used to do this from my home page once browsers started integrating rss into bookmark thingies. These days I've been using the Firefox del.icio.us 1.3.x extention and store my bookmarklets and smart bookmarks (hello galeon) on my account. However, del.icio.us doesn't allow sharing of certain types of bookmarks and bookmarklets are one of them (being javascript and all), so sharing of them is not very well enabled. It'd be nice being able to peruse a del.icio.us/tag/bookmarklet and pickout nifties.

  • Not sure, but that's a great idea! The bookmarklets that load remote scripts and are therefore always up to date IMO are genius... this simply adds some depth to them I guess... and takes advantage of the Firefox UI.

    Would you be able to execute Javascript loaded from feeds that aren't top level locations? That seems like a security issue, no?

  • Haven't tried it in FF, but older versions filtered out bookmarklets from the feed due to the JS.

  • James is right about Firefox - I wanted to have a feed of bookmarklets as a live bookmark that people at work would subscribe to for a certain project but Firefox 1.x filtered out any Javascript. Going back to unstable Firefox (it worked up until 0.9 or something) didn't seem like a great idea so I canned it. Kinda stinks because it would be really useful for internal usage where security shouldn't be an issue.