It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

My semi-annual blogger navel gazing post

I guess the nicest thing, at least with respect to this blog, about yesterday's new feature release and the JSON/XML debate it tangentially inspired is that it gave me something to blog about. I've got an impulse to just keep flapping my gums about it, but there's nothing else I've really got to say about it. Continuing to babble for the sake of it will only get me in trouble.

So, in the interests of trying to break up these repeated lulls here, I've been looking for some reliable writing prompts without much luck. My del.icio.us output is steady enough - I thought I might, say, pick one bookmark a day and write something more expansive about it. That seems not to be working. I could start picking up on the meme du jour and post survey answers, but then I might as well go back to LiveJournal.

Of course, I could just accept that I'm an inconstant blogger and not get into a funk about it. I still seem to get some reads when I happen to manage a post, so that's cool.

However, unlike writing to a contract or a deadline, my readers here are pretty undemanding. There's no one tapping a foot, pointing to a watch, asking when the next dozen pages or so are coming. In fact, if I were to stop blogging altogether and shut down the site, it would probably be awhile before anyone noticed. This isn't me being emo or anything - this is just how a world full of attractions and attention sinks works.

At this point right now, then, I think I need something somewhat less demanding than another book project, but somewhat more demanding than vague apprehension that people are visiting my site and walking away from stale content. I really don't care so much about drawing attention as much as getting a regular compulsion to write. Hell, I haven't even been watching my site stats much in the last few years. Don't get me wrong: Having some readers' attention is nice, but it's the writing that I really like.

Hmm, I wonder if that means I'm not actually a blogger, per se? :)

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  • Heh. You'd be surprised at what would be noticed. I'd be lying if I didn't say I actually do hang on the aggregator, just in case.

    Contrived goals like that are seemingly impeccable in their inability to motivate. The quickest way I can get out of a blog funk (assuming it's a BLOG funk and not some other kind of funk) is to just open up emacs and start typing. It's usually not more than 3/4 sentences before I start having "Ya know, that REALLY pisses me off!" thoughts running through my head.

    What more do you really need for a blog post ;-)

  • omg you look like that irakieguy from lost! 'tis is too cool...

  • This is a test comment.