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stickis and subethaedit icon

Update to the Update: The whole issue is corrected now!

Update: In the comments on this entry, I got a quick response from TheCodingMonkeys and a quick response from Stickis. I didn't expect either response, and was happy to see both. Nothing nefarious to see here, move along. :)

Checking out Stickis from a TechCrunch story, and just curious:

Is the SubEthaEdit application icon public domain clip-art, or did the Stickis crew abscond with and recolor it?


I mean, it's a pretty compelling, attractive, and clever icon for an OS X app that scales up and down pretty well. I've only ever seen it used for SEE.

(Oh, and for posterity: Since I've linked directly to each sites' images, the table above may look silly if either site changes. ...and the image on Stickis has indeed been changed, so the above table looks silly now!)

Archived Comments

  • Hi!

    This is Martin from TheCodingMonkeys.

    The SubEthaEdit icon is NOT public domain and we are already talking with activeweave about their unauthorized use of our artwork.

    (About the recoloring: SubEthaEdit 1.x (still available on our website) used the blue icon, that's where it's from.)

  • Hi. Marc Meyer, CEO of Activeweave, maker of Stickis, here. We're talking with codemonkeys, and resolving this immediately.

    We got the icon in its current state from a source we believed to be public. We didn't change it (or we would have made it green like most of our site), and had no idea it belonged to subethaedit.

    Unfortunately, searching the web for "copyrighted works from which this image might be derivative" isn't very efficient, at least until you get several thousand people looking at your site and some remember something they've seen before :-( Personally, the blue version reminds me of the grateful dead bears, which would have gotten us even more press.

    Thanks for your understand as we suffer some minor growing pains.

  • All gone now. See my blogpost. Thanks Martin and thanks Les. Marc

  • Thanks for humoring me. The new icon looks pretty keen!