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clubhouse games FTW on nintendo ds

I'm really digging the Nintendo DS thing - especially this new game I got for my birthday last week called Clubhouse Games. It's a pretty cheap buy, but comes loaded with about 40 classic board, bar, and card games. It also seems like they've got all the bases covered with 1-cart local multiplayer; WiFi internet multiplayer; and in-game pictochat. There's also a decent amount of incentive to explore all the games to unlock even more games, as well as little gimmes like background music styles and game background graphics. I'd say this is a must have to keep with you at all times in your DS case. Just bust it out in any DS-equipped group and pwn n00bs in a game of Grid Battle (nee Battleship™), Last Card Plus (nee Uno™), Turncoat (nee Othello™), or even bowling or darts.

Oh, and for anyone who happens to want to play me, here's my WiFi friend code for Clubhouse Games:

5283 6308 0677

Let me know if you add me, drop your code here, and maybe hit me with an IM to play.

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  • Spooky -- My birthday was also last week, and I also received Clubhouse Games for it! How Halloweeny.

    My code is 3866-2922-6013, and I'm always up for a spot of Double-Six action.

  • Dude, I got the game today, and so far I love it. I added you, and here is my code: 2191-2585-1517 Hope to play you soon on 5 card draw or somethin! =^)

  • I have this as well!

    Here's my code: 5111 8497 1306

    Pop me an IM if you'd like to test it out. I've never played a WiFi game on this before...

  • 1031 6668 8096