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too much information running through my brain

So, mostly for the hell of it, I've loaded my footer with the output of as much of my activity elsewhere on the interweb that I could think to include. Let's see if it's useful, or just information overview overkill.

Archived Comments

  • It's interesting. I route a lot of this on my end through del.icio.us, which then just spews it back in daily link-postings. But I guess that I also do the same thing with the URL I've linked here---a place where I don't blog but where I do aggregate everything that I do. Some of these places have closed ecosystems, so obviously I'm just providing links in there, but ... it's fair to say that it could be effectively used to stalk me, much as your footer could be effectively used to stalk you.

    How's the leg?

  • Om-ma-nay-pahd-may-ohm

  • I'm liking it. One of these days (in my Copious Free Time), I'm going to do a real redesign of my blog. I'm still collecting ideas for how I want to organize things. I was thinking about a double sidebar, but when I actually play with it, it just looks too cluttered. I might experiment with a sidebar/footerbar combo...

  • You're sure that qualifies as a “footer”? First impression is articles form the header ;-)