It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

much ablog about nothing

Wow - just shy of 2 weeks since the last post. Had conversations with 2 different people today, both of whom knew of decafbad.com and both of whom asked me, "Huh, you don't really do the blogging thing so much anymore, do you?" So, here I am blogging about not blogging again. :) I've gotten back to being somewhat net-active again - got my news aggregator habits spun back up again, dropping a steady stream of del.icio.us bookmarks and diggs. But, I've not really felt like saying much about much. Relaxing has been relaxing.

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  • I tend to not "blog" so much either lately - that's why my "blog" page is moreso an aggregator of all things Brian - that I severely need to try to organize in a better manner. Heh. But, at least keep del.icio.us-ing [like THATS going to stop]. You post some good schtuff!

  • Yeah, I've been thinking one of my next metablogging hackery projects should be a personal aggregator of all the stuff I've got listed at claimID over in my "See Also" sidebar. I had something sorta like that in a previous incarnation of the site, but never picked it back up with a transition to WordPress.

  • And whoa... checking out your site again, Brian, and I may need to steal your front page theme :)

  • It's "Hemingway". Its nice. It has little "blocks" that you can cram code into, and move around according to your whim.


    Good schtuffs.

    I should put together a "what I use to do this crazyness" page, on my site.