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hemingway theme blocks and widgets

So, after reading a comment from Brian Cors and wandering by his site again, I've suddenly gotten more interested in the Hemingway theme for WordPress. One problem, though: Although the WordPress Widgets plugin (about which I've raved) was based on Hemingway's Blocks feature, it's not apparently compatible. So, anyone know how to make it compatible, or where I can get more Hemingway blocks?

Update: Actually, Hemingway blocks look pretty easy to make, and the inlineRSS plugin makes for easy external site integration so I can pull my output together here. Now, if I can just get around the bugs in word-count-limited front page excerpts with Markdown.

Archived Comments

  • You nailed it. I use inlineRSS to suck in feed info from other sites, and place the php code into a new "block" for each section.

    It's pretty cool - once you add code into the "blocks" directory - then go back to your WordPress admin site, it will know that you added new code and ask you for the name of the new block.

    Be warned - name the block as you want it the first time - from what I can tell [and confirmed by the theme author] - you can't rename it once you do so.

    Have fun, and good luck! There are a few special xslt files that I use - one in particular for my del.icio.us links - that I can pass along, if desired...