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firefox 2.0 ftw

Just installed Firefox 2.0 RC 2 this week, and I've got to say that it's pretty keen. Doesn't seem like a revolution in browsers or anything, other than what it already was. But, everything seems tighter, quicker, slicker, and more like a polished product. My CPU usage is flatter than ever before, and it actually looks like I've got some free memory left over after running it for a few days. And this is speaking as an infovore who regularly has a dozen or so tabs open, with a turnover of at least a hundred a day. All the extensions I really care about still work, a few have been forced to work using Nightly Tester Tools. And, one that stopped working (SessionSaver) has now been rolled into the browser itself. Swank all around.

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  • No Greasemonkey, No installey.

    It's pretty slick otherwise. Seems spritely and a tad bit more svelt (I'm noting about 35-40% less memory hoggage.)

    But had to revert when greasemonkey died.