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i'm in the nintendo ds homebrew club now

Passscard is the perfect flash card boot-up solution for DS LITE & NDS . It is compatible with most types of flash cards including M3, Neo, SC & G6 etc.

I've just received a Passcard 3 in the mail. Nintendo DS homebrew, here I come! I'm particularly excited about NitroTracker and ScummVM. Though I've only got a GBA Movie Player and a 128MB CF flash card from a camera, that seems enough to run most of this stuff so far. Unfortunately, it just sticks out from the Nintendo DS Lite by an inch or so - almost half the depth of the handheld itself! I think one of my next purchases may be a more compact and capable SuperCard MicroSD, which fits flush in the Nintendo DS Lite and accepts MicroSD expansion cards.

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  • Congratulations on the Passcard ;) I got one myself a couple of months ago, including a M3 CF, and playing Monkey Island on the DS rocks ;) I have to warn you though concerning SD based units, there were a couple of issues not so long ago with several homebrew apps (including Scumm), and write-support for SD is afaik still rather new in the standard fat-lib used by homebrew devs. So you might want to make sure that your most beloved or interesting apps will actually work like expected prior to spending loads of money.

  • How does the Passcard 3 fit in the DS? I've heard that its a real tight fit and you really have to force it to "click".

    I'm getting ready to break down and buy some homebrew stuff for mine.