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dialup ghost towns and amazon ec2

Most BBS enthusiasts know that the last outpost for BBSes has been, for some time now, through telnet on the Internet. There was a time, however, when when dial-up BBSes over analog phone lines were the rule, not the exception.

Reading this article, and having tinkered with Synchronet, an idea occurs to me: I'll use Amazon EC2 to host a running instance of Synchronet available via telnet - but only from like 9:00 PM until 5:00 AM. I'll save hourly hosting charges and not tie up my parents' phone line all day! Hmm, I wonder: Has anyone tried setting up an auto answer modem under VoIP?

Archived Comments

  • What a great idea! History has turned the frustration of only being able to run by board at night (before I got a dedicated line) into a nice feeling of nostalgia, and being able to re-live that through a crazy combination of VoIP and Amazon virtualized hosting would be awesome.

  • The problem is that VOIP and modems really don't get along well at all.

  • It's very hard to tunnel a modem through VoIP.