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RSS CAPTCHA Prototype 2

Updated: okay, consensus is that it's just Too Darn Painful. I'm going to go ahead and link to the blog in question at the prompt; we'll see what happens.

I didn't really dislike Kent's original prototype - although I think it came off that way. However, with a direct link there, I think there is a definite improvement. I was also happy to see the linked blog open in a pop-up window - which is something I usually despise, but works for this application. Seems like a neat way to get something CAPTCHA-like, while also promoting traffic to your friends in your blogroll! The one bad thing would be if I were to decend too many levels deep into reading interesting things and commenting as I chase down post titles. :)

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  • Nah, no blood, no foul. :)

    I showed it around at BarCampStanford and other places over the weekend, and talked to a Famous Blogger, who swears his site is darn near botproof just because he requires people to type in his first name before posting.

    I like the social-networking aspect enough to keep it. If people get distracted by my blogroll, so be it ... and if the bots get smart enough to beat what I have there now, I can go back to the prototype.

    Thanks (again) for checking it out.