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we have an akismet piper down!

I’ve grown so used to the awesome spam blocker that Wordpress.com includes for free (it comes from Akismet, which is owned by Automattic, the same folks who do Wordpress). But tonight a TON of spam got through. So, I wonder if Akismet is down or if something got horked?

I guess I've just been taking Akismet for granted, since I've only seen comment spam in the dozen-per-day range. Now I'm up to dozen-per-minute, some days. I've just tossed in a few bandaid solutions, so we'll see what happens. Things like this really make me wish I had magic powers to go find the spammers and apply Chinese water torture using bits of processed meat.

Archived Comments

  • Hopefully you can go back to taking it for granted now, sorry for the problems this morning. I posted some more details about it to the Akismet blog.

  • Matt: I think, if anything, this told me how effective the Akismet service has been at keeping me from realizing how bad comment spam has been getting! :) I don't envy the job you've taken on.

  • Cyn and I didn't know that it was down until she read Scoble. We got back early this morning and (as nerd couples do) checked our email to find a whole mess of comment spam on our blogs. We've installed Bad Behavior to backstop Akismet.

  • If you want a belt to go with those suspenders, I'm a big fan of Spam Karma. [So much so that I don't even use Akismet.] Hope this helps, Les!