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sandbox is nifty

I'm really digging the Sandbox theme for WordPress so far. I've not really done much yet - but between Sandbox and the new WordPress Widgets, all my customizations for this blog have been done in CSS and drag-n-drop in the widget management screen. Sandbox has an enormously rich set of classes dropped into every major element of the page, even down to date/time information on posts and category-based classes. I could even drop in some seasonal themes to styles posts for holidays and whatnot. Pumpkins for October, and presents for December!

I did need to add one line of PHP to a Sandbox template, and that was a CSS include to my own tack-on CSS full of tweaks to the Spartan skin. If anything, that's my only feature request so far: Allow skin selection, and then allow the user to specify an additional stylesheet to further tailor that skin. The less I need to edit in files installed from third parties, the less I need to maintain when versions get updated.

I'm also running into a few minor CSS oddities when I view my tweaks in MSIE on Windows. This annoys me, but I only half care to fix them.

Archived Comments

  • Hey, Looks like your markup isn't getting processed in your feed. This post looked like this in bloglines:

    I’m really digging the [Sandbox][] theme for WordPress so far. I’ve not really done much yet - but between [Sandbox][] and the new [WordPress Widgets][].....

    Also,the link to your "All Entries" feed is busted in the left hand nav on the archive pages.

  • If I'm lucky, I just fixed my Markdown problem by adding this line: add_filter('the_content_rss', 'Markdown', 6);

    If I'm not lucky, I just broke everything.

  • Yep, feed looks good now.

    All the feed links are missing "http" though.