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no amazon iframes for me

So here's a problem that's cropped up for me lately. I think it came with the upgrade to WP 2.0. I'm trying to include some Amazon-provided iframes in the sidebar for continue book pimping, which worked fine with my WP 1.5 installation. But now, for some reason, the iframes are always forced into a display: none style and I can't figure out what's doing it.

Update: Now is the time on 0xDECAFBAD when the head meets desk. Adblock is the culprit. Oof.

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  • Works for me.

    Maybe it’s not actually a problem with your site, but rather some adblocking thingie that’s running on your desktop?

  • I see it, too. Ad-blocker? User.js? 1337 h4x0rz?

  • Ugh, now why didn't that occur to me? Yup, I'd installed a particularly zealous set of Adblock filters recently. Thanks for the clues. :)

  • Actually, I'd just like to know where you found that nice lean Amazon iframe. I haven't been able to find the place to generate a link like that. I can copy your links and swap my affiliate ID and the ASIN, but that's a PITA.