It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.


Ever since I switched over to a new CMS back in February, I’ve been tagging all my journal entries. Until now, I haven’t been doing anything with those tags apart from exposing them in category elements in my RSS feed. Now that I’ve got a good head of steam going with my tags, I’ve decided to play around with them a bit.

Book pimping time: In Hacking del.icio.us, I've got something not entirely unlike the above-linked hack. (Which, by the way, is good work!) Mine is much more basic, though - with less microformat, progress bar, and yellow fadey goodness. And, instead of AJAX, my hack uses JSONP. The Related Links hack in Chapter 9 of the book shows you how to include lists of the last few bookmarks you've posted under each tag / category / keyword used in a blog post.