It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

On being talked about

It’s been nearly eight months since Del.icio.us was acquired by Yahoo, and it is still the reigning champion of social bookmarking. But the recent numbers aren’t looking so good....
Source: Techcrunch » Dazzle Us Again, Del.icio.us

I grab a cup of coffee and visit up my aggregator this morning, and the above is amongst the items greeting me. It's not a horrible article, really - it's just one that's got me jumping down to the comments form and then slapping my hand away.

Oh, so that's how it feels to be on the other side of a news story! I can just see the prideful progression that would lead me from comments to flame wars to discrete conference room chats - to being thrown out to land on my badgeless butt in the front circle drive of the office. There's a reason they've told me to bounce press to the PR department at every corporate job I've had since college.

So, my tongue is full of deep impressions of my teeth this morning, and I'm enjoying another cup of free Yahoo! coffee as I close the aggregator and get back to work. :)


At the end of this process, after reviewing the public data (deeply flawed, but neutral) and Yahoo internal data (presumably accurate, but selectively disclosed), I’ve come to the conclusion that I have no idea what’s up at del.icio.us. I’m going to go with my gut and trust Yahoo.

Source: Techcrunch » More Stats on Del.icio.us, This Time Positive

Emphasis mine, up there. I just couldn't resist this quote from the follow-up post. :) But, really, at least there was a follow-up post.

Ready, fire, aim!

Archived Comments

  • Welcome to the club, man. And people wonder why I'm cynical about news. :)

  • Oh, I know the feeling. That said, I switched off del.icio.us awhile ago for Ma.gnolia. I liked their design better and the groups are neat. It feels like there's more of a real community on Ma.gnolia. del.icio.us is just some neat algorithms and some features and an ugly site design and a complicated interface (mostly the settings stuff). It feels extremely impersonal for something I would be interacting with daily. Although I really, really liked the slightly structured tagging. I admit to missing that.

  • I wouldn't worry about it. Del.icio.us is doing more than just fine...so enjoy your coffee in peace :)


  • Yep. Welcome to the club. As Londo says, "pecked to death by cats."

  • Bill: Heh, I loved that line! Can even hear the exasperated accent in my head.

  • Bob, if del.icio.us looked better you would use it? I can take care of that...