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Firefox and flash of styled XML

Here's another random call for support from my blog-friends out there:

In Firefox, when viewing raw XML, a basic style is applied which does some pretty printing on the XML. It says something like, "This XML file does not appear to have any style information..."

Well lately, on my install of Firefox on the PowerBook, that default document tree style appears briefly then reverts to munged text a few seconds later.

I seem to remember having read about this somewhere, why it happens, and what to do about it. But, again, like my iptables knowledge, this has dripped out of one of my ears.

I imagine it's got something to do with an extension or something, but I'm wondering if anyone knows what I'm talking about? The end goal is that I want my default XML style back.

Archived Comments

  • Have you looked at "about:config" to see if "layout.xml.prettyprint" exists, and if so, is it set to true or false?

  • I'm betting you're using Firebug 0.3.2, and now you're waiting eagerly for 0.4, where it's fixed.

  • Did you ever solve this? Whenever I've found Firefox munging text on my Powerbook, my first port of call is Font Book.app.

    Click on "All fonts" and look for any fonts with a little black dot next to them. It means there are duplicates for that particular font, which confuses some apps (notably firefox). Click on the font then Edit > Resolve Duplicates. The dot should go away but if it doesn't, try disabling the font. Then close Font Book and restart Firefox. That may help you!