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Checking out indieKarma

After reading Kottke's post about indieKarma, I've signed up and dropped the code into my blog template in a crass and bald-faced move to monetize my blog. We'll see what happens - and let me know if the thing becomes too annoying or whatnot. It seems like an interesting concept.

Just thinking further about this thing - it would be neat if they could eventually include some further features to exploit the cross-blog placement of that JS include. Maybe some metrics and reporting in general, maybe some more blog-shiny whizbangs, maybe a small indicator of how many other indieKarma-capable visitors hit the site in the last 5 minutes.

Archived Comments

  • I like it.

    Except that, from the reader's end of things, the fact that I'll automatically drop 1ยข on a participating weblog the moment I visit for the first time, regardless of what I think of it, is a bit troubling. I'd be pretty miffed if I unknowingly followed a link to, say, a far-right racist weblog and therefore provided them with financial support, however tiny the amount.

    Just my two cents. Or one cent, in this case.

  • I was going to sign up for it but the huge terms of service with lots of scary all-caps warnings turned me off. They need to make it no-nonsense. Why do license agreements need to automatically be 30 pages, incomprehensible, and hostile?

  • Actually fits with how I think the web should work, or at least a new business model based on making pennies, but many many pennies. It's like a fountain for blogs. Anyways, I don't know if I'd put money in after my initial free buck. But maybe you'll make a buck off of me ;)