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Monkeying with Scifipedia

The SciFi Channel webmasters have launched Scifipedia, based on MediaWiki. Unfortunately, in my opinion, they've destroyed much of the usability offered by the out-of-box template. Just try finding the "Recent Changes" page.

So, I was annoyed enough to crack open a text editor and give it the Greasemonkey treatment:

 <span><a href="http://decafbad.com/2006/04/scifipediatweaks.user.js">scifipediatweaks.user.js</a></span>

I mean, I can understand wanting to brand things - and this is a free site after all - but try not to muck with the essentials.

Archived Comments

  • This userscript also works well in Opera 9.

  • Worse yet is their antediluvial copyright policy. See their Terms of Use: http://scifipedia.scifi.com/index.php/SCIFIPEDIA:TermsofUse

    I may edit there for some things that I want to publicize, but I won't do any major editing there. It's either got to give the authors a byline, or have a copyleft license such as the GFDL or Creative Commons.